Welcome SACS Reviewers

Welcome to the Texas State University-San Marcos SACS Reaffirmation Web site. On behalf of the entire university community, I extend my thanks to you for volunteering to serve on our Off-Site Review Committee.  I am aware of the time and energy you will devote to the review process, and I value your contribution to Texas State.

Our journey through the reaffirmation process has been both challenging and rewarding. When we began conversations about reaffirmation issues back in 2005, we already embraced the concept of "quality enhancement."  However, the close examination of all facets of our organization required by the process has resulted in genuine improvement - improvement in how we serve our stakeholders and in how we conduct everyday business. Now, even those who were skeptical about the sometimes arduous task, conclude that we have become a greater university for having undertaken the process.
We at Texas State understand that the completion of the Compliance Certification Report is not an end to our work.  It is a tool to assist us in completing improvements we have begun and a benchmark for our continuous improvement in the future. It is also a celebration of the many ways in which Texas State excels.  I know that we will use the reaffirmation process as a constant reminder of what we have accomplished - and what we still need to achieve.

Once again, I thank you for contributing your time and expertise to the reaffirmation process. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any service.


                                                                   Denise M. Trauth

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